How long will it take too arrive to our place from the ferry?
About an hour and a half

How long from the airport?
We are about 45 minutes from Kingscote airport

Do we keep our catch and do we fillet them?
Yes, you certainly keep your catch, however fillet them yourselves or you can arrange with “The Fish Shop” in Kingscote to fillet and pack them at a price.

What time do we leave?
Generally 7.30am and back to Western River at approximately 4.00pm.

What is provided?
All bait, tackle, rods and reels are onboard and you can bring your own gear if you prefer? All linen including towels are provided for you in the accommodation, with full kitchen facilities and BBQ’s.

What do I need to bring?
Your food and drink requirements and your esky for your fish, plus appropriate clothing for the weather, i.e. long sleeve shirt on a hot day, hats, sunscreen and for wet weather, waterproof clothing.

Cancellation Policy
We know the weather acutely 3 days before charter so please call too check on 3 days before your arrival date. In the event that your charter is cancelled due to bad weather we will need to change the day/s and you will not lose your deposit.

To book a charter we require a 20% deposit paid in advance.

Sealink – phone 131 301 or visit www.sealink.com.au for all ferry times and packages
Rex Airlines – phone 131 713 or visit www.rex.com.au
KI Transfers – contact Peter by phone on 0427 887 575 or visit www.kitransfers.com.au